Our Favorite Wedding of 2019!

Our Favorite Wedding of 2019!

We are so excited to share our favorite wedding of 2019! Nina was such a gorgeous bride, and Max a perfect gentleman! The wedding took place at the beautiful Schloss Orth in Austria. It was full of magical light, nature and love! 

We designed Nina and Max’s stationery to complement the romantic spirit of their wedding. White Roses, featured on all their stationery pieces, were also part of Nina’s bouquet as well as the table flower arrangement. White Roses are a symbol of tender and eternal love. 

All the stationery pieces were printed on thick structured paper – an ideal background for this beautiful watercolor drawing. The design was complemented by romantic yet classy font that was chosen personally by the bride and groom.

Menu cards, like all other pieces of the stationery for Nina and Max, were printed in two languages – German (the language of the bride) and Spanish (the language of the groom). A lovely personal touch for all the wedding guests.

The square gift cards were also part of the romantic wedding stationery suite for Nina and Max. They features a beautiful love poem by Emanuel Geibel on the back.

Nina was the most gorgeous bride of 2019!!! She exuded radiance, tenderness, beauty and love!

What an idyllic location and a beautiful couple! Our congratulations to absolutely incredible Nina & Max! Thank you so much for making us part of your special day!

“Wedding Store of the Year” award from Luxury Travel Guide

“Wedding Store of the Year” award from Luxury Travel Guide

We are so honored to have won “Wedding Store of the Year” with the prestigious Luxury Travel Guide! So excited to share this news! Since their launch 4 years ago LTG Awards have been handpicking unique products and experiences around the whole world! For us it represents acknowledgment of our unique products and wonderful service that we provide. Thank you to all of our couples for making this possible! Our highly personalized Wedding App “The Big Day” was the main reason why we received the prestigious award. While there are several other wedding app available, we (and LTG) believe that our app is really unique, as it can be customized to match any stationery design. It is also very elegant and simple, but includes everything the a wedding couple might want to share with their guests – be it venues, travel info, in-app RSVP, chat or photos.  We also continue to create beautiful and sophisticated stationery, including lovely details such as gold-foiling, watercolor drawing and raised print. For us it is really the whole package that makes your wedding communications work – elegant paper stationery and a great user-friendly app, all in one design!   The Luxury Travel Guide Wedding edition will come out soon and will include a feature on us and our products. Thanks again to LTG for recognizing our work and to all our customers for letting us make their Big Day even more special! 

“Typewriter” Wedding Invitations & App

This week we are in love with the rustic theme! Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, simple and romantic ceremony, full of nature and light? Our charming wedding invitations Old Typewriter will be perfect for your rustic or vintage-themed wedding. They are printed on thick, textured, soft paper. For these beautiful wedding invites we use a combination of fonts: classic typewriter and romantic calligraphy. There are also a few artistic touches that make this wedding suite complete: a hand-drawn infinity sign and laurel leaves. Laurel leaves are a sign of eternity, and are also often used in the wedding bouquets. Of course, we also offer a beautiful wedding app that matches your wedding invitations and other stationery! Have a look at this example, with lovely vintage-styled fotos. To download our app search for “INVITESANDCO” on your app store.

How to create the vibe

Apart from using our beautiful stationery and app we love the following few details to make your wedding absolutely special! A classy dress We are inspired by this graceful and charming wedding dress from the Brighton Belle collection by @truebride. Embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn with this fabulous 1940’s style dress! A “naked” cake with fresh flowers Here is a great rustic wedding cake by #weddingomania. This beautiful naked cake with spring flowers is simply lovely!!!  . Old vinyl records as a wedding guest-book Why not have your guests sign on the old vinyl records? It is stylish and could make a great wall-decoration later on!  

Modern and Funky Invitations with Cheery Orange Details

Modern and Funky Invitations with Cheery Orange Details

Emilie and Andre Invites

These funky and modern wedding invitations and “Thank You” cards really reflect the character of the lovely couple, Emilie and André. Orange, their favourite colour, and the simple and sweet design complimented their wedding – an informal ceremony held outside, followed by a reception in a gorgeous event space that used to be a factory.

This warm-hearted suite is full of special details. The invitations and “Thank You” cards are in two languages, German and French. While this initially presented a design challenge (a lot of words!), a hand-drawn timeline on the invites enabled us to incorporate all the information in a very visual manner. It was the bride’s idea to make a hand-drawing of themselves for the thank you cards, which she did herself using one of their wedding photos. To provide continuity with the invitations and “Thank You” cards, we added an orange bubble in the background and little orange elements in the couple’s attire, like the groom’s bow tie and the flowers in the bride’s hair.

The stationery was flat printed to provide a modern feeling on extra-thick Italian Materica paper. Craft envelopes provided a contrast to the cream velvety texture of the paper and added a rustic touch.

This bright and cheery theme with orange details reflects the bride and groom’s character and personalities. Furthermore, this suite is a true collaboration between the bride and groom, the designer Murielle Boillat, and https://www.invitesandco.com/, with design ideas originating from all three and complementing each other! We are very happy with the end result, which is as warm-hearted and genuine as the wedding itself.

Emilie and Andre Suite

Emilie and Andre Invites

Emilie and Andre Thank You



Inspired by Kensington – new wedding invitations design

Inspired by Kensington – new wedding invitations design

Kensington Gardens Invite

I love Kensington. Beautiful tree-lined streets, flawless gardens, cute little stores, Holland Park around the corner… It is so classy yet trendy.

This is the flair we tried to match when designing our new wedding invitations suite. We chose two traditional fonts, and complemented them with quirky and cute impressions of symbols of love – a dove, a tandem bicycle or an elegant wedding automobile. We printed these invites on beautiful Italian paper with oyster shell pearl finish. The symbols can be foil stamped for an added wow-factor.

kensington-gardens-detail kensington-gardens tandem-bike-website

Classic and elegant wedding stationery suite with gold-foiled ampersand

Classic and elegant wedding stationery suite with gold-foiled ampersand


When Anastasia and Frederick approached us to create their wedding stationery and website, they already had quite a good idea of the style and some of the elements that they wanted to have. Their wedding was planned in an English countryside manor house, and they wanted their stationery to match their classic and elegant style. Anastasia had amazing attention to detail and it was especially important to her that all their wedding communications, both printed and electronic, would have the same design.

As a result we created a beautiful wedding suit for them, which I think is really an epitome of understated elegance. On one hand, we used a rather prominent main script – a classic calligraphy Bickham Script; on the other hand we didn’t overload the design. It has just a few gold-foiled elements that add a special twist to their invitations, but it’s not extravagant. The stationery is made using a fine-lined ivory-coloured Italian paper from Fedrigoni. The paper’s texture perfectly emphasizes the raised print and gold-foiled elements.

In order to bring a more personalized experience to their guests, Anastasia chose to have the seating plan printed on the back of the name cards, and colour a respective spot for each guest by hand. The personalized menus with names of each guest, elegantly printed between two gold fold lines, will be waiting for the guests at the table.

Another great idea is that on the inside of the menu cover guests have an opportunity to leave their wishes to the couple and later to insert their fotos. This will become a great memento for the couple and a wonderful alternative to the traditional guest book.

In addition to the stationery we developed a matching wedding website, using the same fonts and style. In the age when we live and breathe electronic communications, it was lovely to see the traditional printed stationery and the modern means of communications come together! In the words of the bride: “I have definitely achieved my goal – we have stylish and beautiful stationery, with a matching website! It is absolutely fantastic, very happy!”

Thank you and invite details

Menu covers

Menu insides

Name Cards Inside


Thank you card website-for-website