Digital Wedding Invitations: Benefits and Design Tips

Digital Wedding Invitations: Benefits and Design Tips

Wedding planning is often described as one of life’s most joyful yet potentially stressful periods. While celebrating love and creating lasting memories is thrilling, the multitude of choices, details, and expectations can bring significant stress.

One wedding prep aspect you can simplify is invitations. In the era where technology intertwines with life’s significant moments, weddings stand at the forefront of this digital revolution. Digital wedding invitations are a game-changer, easing the intricate art of wedding planning without compromising intimacy and charm.

Beyond mere convenience, these digital invites encapsulate contemporary trends while merging the beauty of traditional wedding preparations with a platform for personalization and creative expression.

Digital wedding invitations offer a unique opportunity to infuse modernity into the very fabric of your dream wedding. This blog explores the benefits of digital wedding invitations, its latest design trends, and essential tips for a modern and seamless wedding experience reflecting your unique style and preferences.

What Are Digital Wedding Invitations?

A digital wedding invite is an electronic version of a traditional wedding invite designed for seamless online delivery.

As its name suggests, unlike physical cards, these cards exist in a digital format distributed through various online platforms. They leverage technology to offer a wide range of interactive features, such as RSVP options, multimedia elements, and real-time updates. Gone are the days when wedding invitations were single-page papers.

These digital invites eliminate the need for printed wedding invitations, postage, and manual responses. Recipients can swiftly respond, confirm attendance, and even customize their preferences with a few clicks or taps. 

Today, we see digital invitations integrated not just in weddings but in other events as well. This contemporary choice efficiently communicates event details to guests worldwide. It offers an elegant and eco-friendly solution to the age-old tradition of wedding invitations.

6 Benefits of Digital Wedding Invitations

The shift toward digital solutions has ushered in a new era of efficiency and elegance. Discover how these innovative alternatives streamline wedding communications with advantages that resonate in the digital age.

1. Cost-efficiency

One of the most evident benefits of opting for digital wedding invitations is its cost-efficiency. With a typical physical invitation, you have to pay for the design, printing, and even shipping and postage. However, digital invites don’t have those. This alternative allows couples to allocate their resources towards other essential elements of their dream wedding.

2. Eco-friendly 

Along with the reduced costs, digital invitations are also environmentally conscious alternatives. Your wedding invitations align with environmental sustainability by minimizing paper usage through reduced ink and printing. Who wouldn’t want the added benefit of sustainability with their dream wedding?

3. Efficient streamlining of guest responses

Some digital invitations streamline the RSVP process, allowing guests to respond promptly online. These invites avoid delays, providing couples with accurate and timely guest attendance confirmations. For example, Invites & Co offers mini-websites that are gorgeous digital invitations with an online RSVP function. Use the extra time for last-minute changes to guest lists and coordination with suppliers.

4. Convenience

Couples now have the freedom to create, send, and manage invitations effortlessly. With just a few clicks, they get their dream invitation at a fraction of the price. Moreover, these digital invitations reach guests instantly, facilitating quick and hassle-free communication. 

This convenience saves time and allows couples to cater to the modern lifestyle, where efficiency and speed are essential in wedding preparations.

5. Interactive features

As mentioned above, digital invitations offer a canvas for couples to unleash their creativity in their wedding invitation design. Couples can incorporate interactive elements such as videos, music, or animations and make their invitation truly their own.

This personalized touch enhances the overall guest experience, creating an engaging request that reflects the couple’s unique style while adding an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.

6. Real-time updates

Digital versions provide the flexibility for real-time updates. Couples can easily communicate any wedding changes instantly. This reduces the likelihood of confusion and enhances the overall coordination and communication leading up to their special day.

Craft Unforgettable Moments Digitally

Custom wedding invitations, no matter how simple or elaborate, have one goal in mind: to elevate your wedding preparations and give you a celebration to remember.

Cherish the heartwarming essence they bring to the celebration of love. From cost-efficiency to the personalized strokes of design, these digital canvases capture the very spirit of your union. Each expert tip presented here is a testament to the warmth and connection these invitations can convey.

Digital Wedding Invite FAQs

1. How do I know which wedding invitation designer to choose?

Choosing the right wedding invitation designer involves thoughtful consideration of your wedding’s unique details. In choosing a designer, start by exploring portfolios to gauge design styles and versatility. Look for a designer whose work aligns with your vision and offers customization options.

Let various wedding elements guide your decisions as you work with your chosen designer to set the perfect tone for your celebration.

Embrace the beauty of your unique love story in every pixel. At Invites & Co, we’re here to turn your dreams into digital reality. Reach out to us today to get started with your modern wedding experience. 

2. What types of digital wedding invitations are usually used? 

Digital wedding invitations come in various forms to suit multiple preferences:

  • Wedding RSVP websites combine the invitation and RSVP process
  • Video invitations offer creativity to your invites with video formats
  • Social media invitations provide the convenience of social media platforms to extend your wedding invitations efficiently
  • E-card invitations are eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives that are delivered via email

Each option suits different tastes, providing a personalized and efficient digital alternative that aligns with the modern wedding landscape.

3. How can I add a personal touch to my digital wedding invitation?

It’s easy to customize your digital wedding invitation and incorporate various elements of your wedding into your design. You can look at your chosen venue, dress style, and floral selections to add to the design. Additionally, if you have one, you can utilize your wedding website to mirror the invitation.

Essential Design Tips for Your Digital Wedding Invitations  

Let your creativity shine. Learn how to make digital wedding invitations that match your celebration perfectly. These expert tips will help you curate invitations that reflect your unique style and captivate your guests from the first click.

1. Pick a theme 

The first thing you’re going to want to pay attention to is the overall theme that encapsulates the overall feel of your wedding. While the invitation itself consists of words on a digital canvas, the applied design provides your visitors with a sense of what to expect on your special day.

It anchors your online wedding invitation design choices. Whether it’s vintage charm or modern minimalism, a consistent theme ensures visual harmony, setting the mood for your celebration.

2. Personalize your content

Elevate your digital invitation by infusing it with a personal touch that reflects your unique love story. Tailor the content to reflect your journey together, incorporating customized details, anecdotes, and shared memories. This personalized approach creates a unique and heartfelt connection with your guests.

3. Add eye-catching effects

Enhance the visual appeal of your digital wedding invitation by incorporating subtle animations or effects that transcend the ordinary. You can try GIFs or a short clip from your pre-wedding preparations. Thoughtfully incorporated effects capture attention, creating an engaging and memorable experience for recipients.

4. Pay attention to the typeface

While all the swirls may look appealing, your invitation is only as good when your guests can read it. Choose an appropriate typeface to ensure clarity and reinforce your invitation’s tone. While decorative fonts may seem tempting, prioritize legible options that align with your chosen theme. Consider factors like spacing and size for a polished and cohesive design.

5. Choose a fitting color palette

Did you know that up to 90% of an initial impression is from color? Maximize this effect and look into color psychology to help you select hues that resonate with your wedding’s essence. A curated color palette adds depth and meaning, reflecting the unique character of your celebration in the digital invitation’s overall aesthetic.

Blush Wedding: Embracing the Timeless Trend of Romantic Elegance

Blush Wedding: Embracing the Timeless Trend of Romantic Elegance

Blush pink and blush roses have emerged as a popular trend in the world of weddings, captivating couples with their timeless charm and romantic allure. This delicate hue evokes feelings of love, tenderness, and femininity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an elegant and refined celebration. At Invites & Co, we understand the allure of blush weddings and the desire to create a memorable experience that reflects your unique love story. In this blog, we will delve into the enchanting world of blush weddings, exploring everything from breathtaking blush wedding dresses to exquisite table decor, and showcasing how our digital invitations and wedding RSVPs seamlessly complement this elegant theme. Let’s embark on a journey of refined beauty and create an invitation that sets the stage for your dream wedding.

The Enchanting Blush Wedding Dress

💕 What a dress! 💍✨ Picture yourself in a stunning A-Line blush wedding dress by Marlo Ford Mila. This exquisite creation features delicate floral embroidery that adds a touch of whimsy and enchantment. The blush hue envelops the gown, creating an ethereal effect that accentuates your natural beauty. Blush wedding dresses have become increasingly popular among modern brides, as they embody a sense of romance and elegance. The soft, feminine color palette sets the tone for a celebration filled with love, joy, and timeless moments. As you glide down the aisle in this captivating gown, you will exude confidence and grace, captivating the hearts of your loved ones.

Invitations that Mirror Timeless Charm

🌹 Our latest design – blush rose digital wedding invites with RSVP and a gorgeous timeline! 💌✨ Our team at Invites & Co understands the significance of every detail when it comes to creating a cohesive wedding theme. Inspired by the delicate beauty of blush roses, we have designed a collection of digital wedding invitations that capture the timeless charm and romantic ambiance of your dream wedding. Each invitation features a watercolor blush rose delicately placed in the corner, complemented by golden calligraphy that exudes elegance and sophistication. The blush rose symbolizes love, grace, and new beginnings, setting the stage for a celebration filled with heartfelt emotions and cherished moments.

In addition to their exquisite design, our digital invitations offer practicality and convenience. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly send them to your guests via WhatsApp, messages, or email, allowing for instant communication and efficient RSVP tracking. We also provide a lovely timeline of events on the big day, complete with cute icons, ensuring that your guests are well-informed and excited about the celebration ahead. Let us help you create an invitation that reflects your personal style and sets the tone for a memorable celebration filled with love and joy.

Timeless Table Decor and Blush Accents

✨ Timeless Table Decor! 💒🌸 To complete the enchanting ambiance of your blush-themed wedding, consider incorporating exquisite blush organza chair decorations. The gentle blush hues, combined with the ethereal transparency of the organza fabric, create an atmosphere of refined luxury. Delicate pearl fastenings hold the blush organza material together, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall decor. As your guests enter the wedding reception, they will be captivated by the beauty and attention to detail that these blush accents bring, creating an unforgettable visual impact.

Blush is not simply a color but a statement of grace and beauty. At Invites & Co, we have carefully curated a collection of digital invitations and wedding RSVPs that seamlessly blend with your blush-themed wedding. Blush is one of our most popular and favorite colors, as it represents the delicate balance between subtlety and elegance. Our customizable digital invitations allow you to infuse the essence of your blush wedding into every detail, from the design elements to the color palette, ensuring a cohesive and captivating presentation.

To conclude…

A blush-themed wedding offers a world of elegance, romance, and timeless beauty. From the enchanting blush wedding dress that drapes you in ethereal grace to the exquisite table decor that mesmerizes your guests, every detail contributes to an unforgettable celebration. At Invites & Co, we understand the importance of setting the tone for your special day, and our digital invitations and wedding RSVPs beautifully complement the blush theme. Let us help you create an invitation that reflects your unique love story, capturing the essence of romance and elegance. Together, we will embark on a journey of refined beauty and create a wedding experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

A Glamorous Affair: Celebrating Milestone Birthdays with Navy & Gold

A Glamorous Affair: Celebrating Milestone Birthdays with Navy & Gold

Are you ready to mark a milestone birthday with a touch of elegance and sophistication? Picture a celebration adorned in shades of navy and gold, radiating a sense of opulence and refinement. Whether you’re turning 30, 40, or any other number that deserves a grand celebration, Invites & Co is here to help you create an unforgettable birthday party experience. From exquisite navy and gold cakes to customized digital invitations with RSVP, let’s dive into the world of glamour and celebrate your special day in style.

What a gorgeous cake! 🍰💙

Crafted by the talented bakers at Juniper Bakery, this stunning navy and gold centerpiece adorned with lovely blush flowers sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration. With its elegant design and mouthwatering flavors, this cake becomes a symbol of sweetness and sophistication. The deep navy hue creates a sense of depth and richness, while the shimmering gold bees add a touch of glamour. Each delicate blush flower atop the cake brings a pop of color and femininity, perfectly complementing the overall theme. 

When it comes to creating a visually stunning navy with gold-themed birthday party, choosing the perfect cake and cupcakes is a deliciously important decision. There are various options available that can beautifully complement the color scheme and add a touch of luxury to your celebration. One option is a navy and gold ombre cake, where layers of rich navy and shimmering gold blend together, creating a captivating gradient effect. The combination of these regal colors is sure to impress your guests. Alternatively, you can opt for a navy cake adorned with gold accents such as edible gold leaf, intricate gold piping, or elegant gold fondant decorations. This creates a striking contrast and adds a touch of opulence to your dessert table. For a more whimsical approach, consider navy and gold cupcakes adorned with delicate gold sprinkles, metallic cupcake wrappers, or gold foil cupcake toppers. These bite-sized treats are not only visually appealing but also offer a convenient and mess-free option for your guests to enjoy. Whether you choose a majestic ombre cake, a regal navy and gold masterpiece, or delightful cupcakes, the navy with gold color scheme will undoubtedly elevate your birthday celebration to a whole new level of elegance and style.

🌊 Fun in the Sun! 🎈☀️

Take your birthday celebration to the beach and embrace the carefree joy of a coastal party. Picture dancing under the stars, feeling the warm sand beneath your toes, and enjoying the company of your closest friends. A beach party creates unforgettable memories and a relaxed atmosphere that perfectly complements the navy and gold theme. 

Imagine the backdrop of crashing waves, the salty breeze, and the breathtaking view of the ocean. It’s a setting that invites celebration and captures the essence of fun in the sun. Whether you choose a secluded cove or a vibrant beach club, the beach provides a versatile canvas for your birthday extravaganza. Play beach games, enjoy refreshing cocktails, and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones. The beach party ambiance complements the navy and gold theme, adding a touch of natural beauty and creating a backdrop that is both picturesque and vibrant.

To set the stage for your beachside celebration, our customized digital invitations with RSVP will capture the excitement and anticipation of your guests. Designed with navy and gold accents, these invitations reflect the coastal charm and exude a sense of elegance. The design elements, such as seashells, palm trees, or golden sunbursts, add a whimsical touch that brings the beach vibes to life. As your guests receive these invitations, they’ll be transported to a world of sun-soaked celebrations, feeling the warmth of the sand and the joy of being by the sea. Let’s create an invitation that not only reflects the beach party bliss but also sets the stage for a joyous and unforgettable day in the sun.

✨✨ Invitations to reflect your style! ✨✨

 Our navy with golden lights birthday invitation and RSVP (which is essentially a mini website) embodies the essence of your glamorous theme. As you embark on this milestone birthday, our digital invitations become the perfect medium to showcase your unique style and sophistication. With their sleek design and personalized touch, these invitations reflect your attention to detail and create a sense of anticipation among your guests. 

The navy and gold color scheme is a timeless choice that exudes elegance and luxury. The deep navy symbolizes depth, wisdom, and sophistication, while the golden accents represent opulence and celebration. The combination of these colors creates a striking contrast that catches the eye and sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. The intricate design elements, such as golden lights or gilded patterns, add a touch of glamour and create a sense of grandeur.

 Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our digital invitations offer practicality and convenience. With the RSVP feature, you can easily manage guest responses and ensure a seamless planning process. The mini-website format allows you to provide all the necessary details for your birthday celebration, from venue information to dress code and itinerary. Your guests will appreciate the effortless access to all the important details and the interactive experience of exploring the invitation.

 The customization options available with our digital invitations allow you to infuse your unique personality into every aspect. From selecting fonts and layouts to incorporating personal photos or quotes, you have the freedom to create an invitation that truly reflects your style. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or a more whimsical and playful approach, our team at Invites & Co will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

To conclude…

As you step into a new decade of life, celebrate in style with a navy and gold-themed birthday party that exudes elegance and sophistication. From the stunning navy and gold cake to the beachside bliss and the glamorous invitations, every aspect of your celebration will be carefully curated to reflect your unique personality and make lasting memories. Invites & Co is here to accompany you on this milestone journey, ensuring that your birthday becomes a cherished and unforgettable experience. Let’s create an event that shines as bright as you do and make your birthday truly remarkable.



Wanderlust: Destination Weddings and Passport-Style Invitations

Wanderlust: Destination Weddings and Passport-Style Invitations

Are you dreaming of a wedding that takes you on an unforgettable journey? A destination wedding allows you to exchange vows in a breathtaking location, surrounded by the beauty of nature or immersed in a different culture. Whether it’s the romantic charm of Italy, the pristine beaches of an exotic island, or any other dream destination, your Big Day becomes an adventure of a lifetime. At Invites & Co, we specialize in creating passport-style digital invitations with RSVP that perfectly capture the spirit of destination weddings. Let’s dive into the world of wanderlust and discover how our unique invitations can make your wedding truly remarkable.


✈️ Ready for an adventure? ✈️

As you embark on the journey towards your wedding day, why not set the tone with a passport-style invitation? Our digital invitations with RSVP are designed to evoke the excitement of travel and exploration. These unique and stylish invitations are like mini-websites, providing all the necessary details for your guests to join you on your special day.

Imagine scrolling through the pages of a passport-inspired invitation that showcases the destination, travel information, accommodation options, and even highlights local attractions or cultural experiences. It’s more than just an invitation; it’s an experience that sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

At Invites & Co, we understand the importance of personalization. Our passport-style invitations can be customized to reflect your chosen destination, incorporating elements like maps, iconic landmarks, or even stamps that symbolize the countries or cities you’re exploring together. Each invitation will help your guests imagine the extraordinary journey they will embark on when they attend your wedding.

✨💍 Ideal Destination ✨💍

Your wedding day is a chance to embark on a romantic adventure, and choosing the perfect destination adds an extra layer of magic to the celebration. One destination that captures this dreamlike atmosphere is the breathtaking Maldives. Imagine saying your vows on a pristine sandy beach with turquoise waters stretching as far as the eye can see. The photo of a beautiful bride and groom in the Maldives perfectly encapsulates the serene and picturesque setting that awaits couples who choose this tropical paradise.

For those seeking a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, Santorini in Greece offers a captivating setting. Known for its stunning sunsets, white-washed buildings, and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, Santorini exudes an undeniable charm. Picture exchanging vows overlooking the iconic blue-domed churches or celebrating with a traditional Greek feast in a cliffside venue. A wedding in Santorini promises a romantic and idyllic experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Another enchanting destination for a wedding is the romantic city of Paris, often referred to as the “City of Love.” The timeless beauty of the Eiffel Tower, the charming streets of Montmartre, and the exquisite cuisine make Paris an ideal choice for couples seeking a classic and elegant wedding. Imagine exchanging vows in a hidden courtyard or hosting a grand reception in a historic chateau. A Parisian wedding is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

These are just a few examples of the countless destinations that can turn your wedding into an extraordinary experience. At Invites & Co, we’ve had the privilege of working with many couples who have chosen destination weddings, including the stunning Maldives, Dubai, Italy, France and the Caribbean. Our digital invitations with RSVP perfectly complement the spirit of these destination celebrations, adding a touch of fun and excitement to your wedding journey. We can also create custom designs that will perfectly match your wedding theme, or you can chose from the many designs that are already available.



🌍 Let Your Love Take You Places 🌍

When planning a destination wedding, there are several important factors to consider to ensure a seamless and memorable experience. First and foremost, research and select the perfect location that aligns with your vision and preferences. Look for venues that offer wedding packages or have experience hosting destination weddings. Take into account the availability of accommodations for your guests, ensuring there are suitable options nearby.

Stay organized by creating a detailed itinerary and timeline, keeping in mind travel logistics, including flights, visas, and transportation for you and your guests. Communication is key, so keep your guests well-informed about the destination, including any cultural considerations or unique customs.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of professional wedding planners or coordinators who specialize in destination weddings, as they can alleviate stress and assist with all the intricate details of planning your dream wedding in a faraway location.

At Invites & Co, we are passionate about working with couples who have chosen to celebrate their love through destination weddings. Our digital invitations are a favorite among these couples, perfectly complementing the adventurous spirit of their celebrations and adding a touch of fun to the affair. We understand that each destination has its unique charm, and our customizable invitations can reflect the essence of your chosen location and style!


Classic Weddings and Our Timeless Digital Wedding Invites with RSVP

Classic Weddings and Our Timeless Digital Wedding Invites with RSVP

As wedding stationery designers, we get a lot of inquiries for classic wedding invitations with RSVP. It’s no surprise, really – classic and timeless designs never go out of style, and are the perfect complement to a chic and elegant wedding.

One of our favorite classic designs is our black and white digital wedding invitation with RSVP. We’ve had so much fun working with couples to customize this design to match their wedding themes, colors, and styles. And we’ve been blown away by how stunning the final products always turn out.

We recently had the pleasure of working with a couple who had their wedding at the breathtaking Chateau de Brives in Cognac, France. This private chateau is a hidden gem, with a walled park that provides complete privacy for your special day. It’s filled with French decorative antiques that will transport you to another time, and its chic and luxurious atmosphere makes it the perfect setting for a romantic and unforgettable wedding.

Our black and white digital wedding invitations with RSVP were the perfect match for this elegant and timeless venue. They fit so well with the chateau’s classic style, and we were able to customize them to include all the important details that the couple wanted to share with their guests. The result was a stunning invitation that perfectly reflected the couple’s vision for their dream wedding.

Of course, classic wedding invitations with RSVP aren’t just for weddings at breathtaking chateaus – they can be customized to match any wedding theme, no matter how big or small the celebration. We recently worked with a bride who chose a stunning oyster-colored wedding dress from Justin Alexander Sincerity’s collection. The dress’s clean, classic lines and elegant color made it the perfect choice for a bride who wanted a timeless look on her special day.

To complement the dress, we recommended our black and white minimalistic digital wedding invitations with RSVP. The sleek and sophisticated design perfectly complemented the dress’s timeless elegance, and we were able to customize the invitation to include all the important details that the couple wanted to share with their guests.

But classic wedding invitations with RSVP aren’t just beautiful – they’re also practical and convenient. Our digital invitations can be easily shared with your guests via email, and include an RSVP function that makes it easy for guests to respond to your invitation. And with our customizable event timeline with icons, you can keep your guests informed of all the important details of your wedding day in one easy-to-access location.

At Invites & Co, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to planning your dream wedding. That’s why we offer beautiful, customizable digital wedding invitations that will perfectly complement your bridal style and help you set the tone for your special day.

So whether you’re planning a romantic wedding at a breathtaking chateau or an intimate celebration with your closest family and friends, we’re here to help you create the perfect stationery for your big day. Contact us to learn more about our digital wedding invitations with RSVP and how we can help you plan your dream wedding!


Amazing Floral Mini Websites: Digital Invites and RSVPs with Flower Wreaths

Amazing Floral Mini Websites: Digital Invites and RSVPs with Flower Wreaths

Floral designs are especially romantic. They call for a lovely rustic celebration, full of love and light. During spring and summer our Flower Wreath designs become especially popular. Many weddings take place outdoors or in the countryside, which fits perfectly with the greenery and floral elements. 

Whether a wreath of roses or a wildflower wreath, this design will be a perfect addition to your wedding. Have a look at the cute little bee buzzing just above the wildflower wreath! Romantic calligraphy fonts also help to create light and summery atmosphere. We have used these designs for both, Wedding Invitations as well as Save the Dates on our Mini-Websites. They can be beautifully combined with an online RSVP,  Schedule and Further Details section. In fact we loved this design so much that we used it for our demo! Check it out:

One of our couples Sydney and Ethan chose this design for their beautiful rustic wedding in the Lancashire countryside. Their romantic celebration was perfectly complemented by amazing countryside views, elegant interiors of an old country house and the amazing ballroom at West Tower (@Westtower – A magnificent space for your celebration!


A wreath is like a wedding ring, it symbolizes eternity of love. Historically, it became popular for weddings after  Queen Victoria wore a beautiful wreath of orange blossoms at her wedding. Nowadays, floral wreaths are used not only as a hair accessory but also for decoration. Have a look at this stunning rose-filled floral chandelier! What a gorgeous centerpiece for your wedding table!


200 Digital Wedding Invites & RSVPs for our Gorgeous Wedding Couples!

200 Digital Wedding Invites & RSVPs for our Gorgeous Wedding Couples!

About one year ago, in May 2021, the restrictions due to Covid for weddings in the UK were are finally lifted. This was amazing news for all the wedding couples who have had to postpone their weddings during the difficult times of pandemic. Like most shops in the wedding industry we were also very excited. Firstly, we were so happy for all the wedding couples who were finally able to celebrate their special day and their love. Secondly, we were, of course, looking forward to helping them get organised for their wedding and creating special and beautiful wedding invitations, RSVPs and wedding websites for them.

In fact, our product – Digital Wedding Invite and online RSVP (mini wedding website) – turned out to be exactly what was needed in the post pandemic rush to organise beautiful weddings and events. Many couples had only a couple of months to prepare for their big day and practically no time to send out new paper invites. They needed to know fast who can attend the celebration. Our mini websites, with gorgeous customised digital invites and RSVP forms, were perfect for this!

So in the last year we have helped 200 couples to create their digital invites and RSVPs! We are very happy to have worked with all the amazing brides and grooms on creating their special and functional invitations.

Our mini wedding websites are very functional. The couples can send the URL by WhatsApp, text or email to the guests and receive their replies as soon as on the same day. Moreover, because each one of our digital invites is customised, the couples could choose the design that fitted their wedding perfectly. Frequently we even replicated the designs of the invitations that the couples sent out before the pandemic. Other couples chose one of our designs such as rose gold calligraphy, dusty roses on modern fonts. Finally, we also created over 50 completely new custom designs to reflect a new beginning! A few that stand out in our memory are bright sunflowers, navy watercolors with golden sparkles and all shades and types of gorgeous flowers to celebrate our couples’ happiness and love!

We are very proud to have worked with all the couples and we wish them eternal happiness and love!

Stylish Trend: Black-and-White Digital Wedding Invitations & RSVPs

Stylish Trend: Black-and-White Digital Wedding Invitations & RSVPs

Monochrome images are beautiful. They remind us of black-and-white movies, old photographic prints and pencil sketches. For weddings, this style can be effectively used to produce a stylish minimalistic wedding invitation, RSVP or wedding website. The result can be striking! This style is very popular today, and we make at least 2-3 black-and-white wedding Invites & RSVPs every week.

For example, our couple Sharon and Joseph did exactly that. Their lovely digital wedding invites with RSVPs are minimalistic, yet very harmonic. Their mini wedding website includes beautiful black-and-white photo of them, a stylish modern calligraphy font and a lovely timeline of the wedding day.

When creating wedding invitations & RSVPs in this style, we need to get all the little details right. Modern calligraphy fonts work really well to highlight the names. The invitation wording is best kept to the minimum and done in one simple and contemporary font. The fewer fonts and font sizes you use, the more stylish the invite might look. The golden rule of design is to have 2 fonts only! If you include your photo, it is really worth investing in a professional shoot! The quality of the photo will make a tremendous difference to your whole digital invite or your wedding website.


Sharon and Joseph’s wedding day will take place in one of the oldest Norman castles in England – Hedingham Castle that dates back to the 12th century. What a great location to declare your eternal love to each other! Their love story will become a part of the legend. We can imagine how romantic and atmospheric their wedding will be.

Many of our clients want to add additional details to their Digital Wedding Invite & RSVP. For example, you could add information about directions, accommodation, and gifts. Our couple chose to add a lovely map which really made their mini wedding website special. We also designed for them a beautiful Order of the Day – a wonderful way of graphically presenting the timeline of their Big Day. It included lovely icons for all events, starting with their ceremony to their first dance. We wish Sharon and Joseph a wonderful wedding and a lifetime of happiness!

A Dreamlike Wedding Sprinkled with Magical Stardust

A Dreamlike Wedding Sprinkled with Magical Stardust

Are you dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding that leads to happily ever after? We definitely love it when a client shares with us how they are making the wedding of their dreams come true. We’ve got a few ideas from them on how to prepare for a truly enchanting wedding.

The perfect setting for love and romance
What better place to exchange your vows than in a gorgeous garden abloom with flowers and lush greenery? Great Fosters in Surrey sets the right mood for love with its 16th-century grandeur and picturesque views. The Elizabethan architecture of the mansion, the fascinating garden maze and the serene lake all weave together a magical story filled with romance. Just the perfect setting to say your I Do’s.


A sprinkle of magical stardust
Give your guests a glimpse of how enchanting your wedding will be with invites sprinkled with hues of stardust. For Sophie and Jamie’s wedding, we custom-made digital invites & RSVPs in a navy-and-gold colour scheme.

The enthralling mix of ethereal colours makes a world of fantasy come alive. We created two different designs for them, each exuding a distinct vibe but both having the same magical feel. Tell us, which design do you like more?

A bridal gown fit for a princess
Walk into the arms of your Prince Charming in the most charming princess dress. Your fairy-tale wedding won’t be complete without a bridal gown fit for a princess. Got no fairy godmother to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo a dress? Not to worry, this white tulle wedding dress will make you look utterly captivating.

We love this charming princess wedding dress with beautiful Chantilly lace from the new collection by @NicoleMilano. Its figure-flattering silhouette and delicately embroidered Chantilly lace make you feel like royalty. Its skirt flows elegantly as you walk down the aisle towards the man of your dreams.

Lovely Shades of Greenery for a Fresh and Vibrant Wedding

Lovely Shades of Greenery for a Fresh and Vibrant Wedding

We’re often asked about wedding trends, and, for this year, we see greenery taking the limelight. Brides today want their wedding to be beautiful yet simple. To create a more rustic natural style, they use plenty of greens such as eucalyptus, ferns, mint, and vines.
Well, green isn’t entirely new at weddings. Green hues are almost ubiquitous in bridal bouquets, ceremonial arches, and table centrepieces. However, this beautiful and versatile colour also works well as the central motif. Here, we give you a few ideas on how to incorporate the greenery theme on your wedding day.

A naturally beautiful white wedding cake

White symbolises new life, and green symbolises growth. Use them on a wedding cake, and you’ve got all the elements for a prosperous and lasting marriage. We just love how Nana & Nana uses these two colours to create a simple yet elegant wedding cake. The combination of smooth white cream and rustic sprigs of greenery looks fresh and lively. Pops of wine-red berries add a touch of excitement and romance. This wedding cake looks so naturally beautiful you might not even want to cut it.

An evergreen design for a digital wedding invitation

Make your overall design aesthetics cohesive by also making green the primary colour in your wedding invitation. Far from being plain and boring, the various shades of green bring the invitation to life. This is why it is among the most widely used colour in wedding invites. In fact, our Eucalyptus Greenery design is one of our most popular designs for digital wedding invitations. Its elegant, modern, and timeless design is perfect for a wedding any time of the year!
For your green wedding, we can personalise the Eucalyptus Greenery design to create a unique digital wedding invitation & RSVP that matches your wedding theme.


Cascading foliage of delicate greens

Be an exquisitely refreshing sight when you walk down the aisle with a rustic bouquet of soft greens and lovely whites. This gorgeous bridal bouquet by @richfieldflowersandevents blends greenery of bold shades and light hues with fresh white roses and dainty blooms—a simple, delicate, and harmonious cascading foliage.

Indeed, there’s beauty in simplicity. So it’s not surprising that fresh greenery is becoming the most popular wedding theme today. It’s a versatile theme that can be used in all seasons and locations.

Making Weddings More Romantic and Elegant with Red Roses and Gold Accents

Making Weddings More Romantic and Elegant with Red Roses and Gold Accents

We love flowers! A wedding would look and feel incomplete without them. Flowers have a language of their own—they’re used to convey emotions and are seen as symbols of hope, new life, happiness, passion, and fidelity.
Red roses are a traditional choice for wedding flowers, as they’re timeless symbols of romance and love. Red roses, when paired with gold accents, can make any wedding look more romantic, regal, and opulent.
Discover how red roses with gold accents can make your wedding day vibrant and full of life.

An Invitation Fit for a Romantic Event

Red roses with gold accents are a match made in heaven. They embody romance and opulence, and while they may be a classic pairing, they’re far from plain and boring. Our red-roses-and-gold-themed digital wedding invitations marry modern and traditional, simple and elegant. Their timelessness is what makes them an ideal choice for an event that celebrates the enduring nature of true love.

A Rustic Location that Evokes Magic and Romance
Nothing says romantic more than a rustic location, which can give your wedding an intimate yet relaxed atmosphere. Friends and family can gather under the shade of majestic trees while enjoying the tranquillity offered by the pool of water. Enjoy a gentle breeze and the sounds of nature as you celebrate your big day surrounded by loved ones.

A Classic, Grand Bouquet with a Modern Twist
Make your wedding day even more special with a classic bouquet that offers a modern twist. Instead of traditional round bouquets, this follows a unique shape—with its flowing array of leaves and buds. Red roses are paired with sprawling greenery and other blooms that set off the redness of the roses. This bouquet spells fun and quirky, making it a perfect choice for showcasing your creative side on your special day.

An Elegant Digital Invite and RSVP for a Dream Destination Wedding

An Elegant Digital Invite and RSVP for a Dream Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are getting more and more popular each year. After all, every destination wedding is unique and memorable. Most importantly, they give couples and their loved ones an opportunity to celebrate a momentous occasion in an intimate setting. With this increase in popularity, we’ve also been getting an increasing number of inquiries for digital invites for destination weddings.

This week, we designed a digital wedding invitation & RSVP for Nicola and William. We combined modern fonts to create an elegant and sleek interface. We kept the layout clean and easy to read by only keeping the most essential information. The colour palette matches their wedding motif albeit in subdued tones. The texts and background contrast perfectly for readability. Delighted with the customised design of their digital invite and RSVP, Nicola and William are all set to send them to their guests with just a few taps.

A lovely chateau within the picturesque grounds of a castle in France sets a romantic atmosphere as the wedding venue of Nicola and William’s nuptials. Lush greenery and colourful blooms create a beautiful backdrop as the couple exchange I Do’s.

The cosy affair will be graced by their closest family and friends. All their loved ones are eager to create wonderful memories as they celebrate the destination wedding together in France.

With guests living in different countries, sending printed invitations can be challenging and not very eco-friendly. Through our digital invite and RSVP, Nicola and William are able to send their wedding invitations faster and easier. Their guests are also able to confirm their attendance and indicate their meal preferences conveniently. Everything just takes a few taps or clicks on the phone, tablet, or computer.
By customising the digital invites to match the couple’s visual style and wedding motif, we make them feel warmer and more personal. A great match to an intimate destination wedding in a lovely French chateau.

Our Favorite Wedding of 2019!

Our Favorite Wedding of 2019!

We are so excited to share our favorite wedding of 2019! Nina was such a gorgeous bride, and Max a perfect gentleman! The wedding took place at the beautiful Schloss Orth in Austria. It was full of magical light, nature and love! 

We designed Nina and Max’s stationery to complement the romantic spirit of their wedding. White Roses, featured on all their stationery pieces, were also part of Nina’s bouquet as well as the table flower arrangement. White Roses are a symbol of tender and eternal love. 

All the stationery pieces were printed on thick structured paper – an ideal background for this beautiful watercolor drawing. The design was complemented by romantic yet classy font that was chosen personally by the bride and groom.

Menu cards, like all other pieces of the stationery for Nina and Max, were printed in two languages – German (the language of the bride) and Spanish (the language of the groom). A lovely personal touch for all the wedding guests.

The square gift cards were also part of the romantic wedding stationery suite for Nina and Max. They features a beautiful love poem by Emanuel Geibel on the back.

Nina was the most gorgeous bride of 2019!!! She exuded radiance, tenderness, beauty and love!

What an idyllic location and a beautiful couple! Our congratulations to absolutely incredible Nina & Max! Thank you so much for making us part of your special day!

“Wedding Store of the Year” award from Luxury Travel Guide

“Wedding Store of the Year” award from Luxury Travel Guide

We are so honored to have won “Wedding Store of the Year” with the prestigious Luxury Travel Guide! So excited to share this news! Since their launch 4 years ago LTG Awards have been handpicking unique products and experiences around the whole world! For us it represents acknowledgment of our unique products and wonderful service that we provide. Thank you to all of our couples for making this possible! Our highly personalized Wedding App “The Big Day” was the main reason why we received the prestigious award. While there are several other wedding app available, we (and LTG) believe that our app is really unique, as it can be customized to match any stationery design. It is also very elegant and simple, but includes everything the a wedding couple might want to share with their guests – be it venues, travel info, in-app RSVP, chat or photos.  We also continue to create beautiful and sophisticated stationery, including lovely details such as gold-foiling, watercolor drawing and raised print. For us it is really the whole package that makes your wedding communications work – elegant paper stationery and a great user-friendly app, all in one design!   The Luxury Travel Guide Wedding edition will come out soon and will include a feature on us and our products. Thanks again to LTG for recognizing our work and to all our customers for letting us make their Big Day even more special! 

“Typewriter” Wedding Invitations & App

This week we are in love with the rustic theme! Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, simple and romantic ceremony, full of nature and light? Our charming wedding invitations Old Typewriter will be perfect for your rustic or vintage-themed wedding. They are printed on thick, textured, soft paper. For these beautiful wedding invites we use a combination of fonts: classic typewriter and romantic calligraphy. There are also a few artistic touches that make this wedding suite complete: a hand-drawn infinity sign and laurel leaves. Laurel leaves are a sign of eternity, and are also often used in the wedding bouquets. Of course, we also offer a beautiful wedding app that matches your wedding invitations and other stationery! Have a look at this example, with lovely vintage-styled fotos. To download our app search for “INVITESANDCO” on your app store.

How to create the vibe

Apart from using our beautiful stationery and app we love the following few details to make your wedding absolutely special! A classy dress We are inspired by this graceful and charming wedding dress from the Brighton Belle collection by @truebride. Embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn with this fabulous 1940’s style dress! A “naked” cake with fresh flowers Here is a great rustic wedding cake by #weddingomania. This beautiful naked cake with spring flowers is simply lovely!!!  . Old vinyl records as a wedding guest-book Why not have your guests sign on the old vinyl records? It is stylish and could make a great wall-decoration later on!  

Modern and Funky Invitations with Cheery Orange Details

Modern and Funky Invitations with Cheery Orange Details

Emilie and Andre Invites

These funky and modern wedding invitations and “Thank You” cards really reflect the character of the lovely couple, Emilie and André. Orange, their favourite colour, and the simple and sweet design complimented their wedding – an informal ceremony held outside, followed by a reception in a gorgeous event space that used to be a factory.

This warm-hearted suite is full of special details. The invitations and “Thank You” cards are in two languages, German and French. While this initially presented a design challenge (a lot of words!), a hand-drawn timeline on the invites enabled us to incorporate all the information in a very visual manner. It was the bride’s idea to make a hand-drawing of themselves for the thank you cards, which she did herself using one of their wedding photos. To provide continuity with the invitations and “Thank You” cards, we added an orange bubble in the background and little orange elements in the couple’s attire, like the groom’s bow tie and the flowers in the bride’s hair.

The stationery was flat printed to provide a modern feeling on extra-thick Italian Materica paper. Craft envelopes provided a contrast to the cream velvety texture of the paper and added a rustic touch.

This bright and cheery theme with orange details reflects the bride and groom’s character and personalities. Furthermore, this suite is a true collaboration between the bride and groom, the designer Murielle Boillat, and, with design ideas originating from all three and complementing each other! We are very happy with the end result, which is as warm-hearted and genuine as the wedding itself.

Emilie and Andre Suite

Emilie and Andre Invites

Emilie and Andre Thank You



Inspired by Kensington – new wedding invitations design

Inspired by Kensington – new wedding invitations design

Kensington Gardens Invite

I love Kensington. Beautiful tree-lined streets, flawless gardens, cute little stores, Holland Park around the corner… It is so classy yet trendy.

This is the flair we tried to match when designing our new wedding invitations suite. We chose two traditional fonts, and complemented them with quirky and cute impressions of symbols of love – a dove, a tandem bicycle or an elegant wedding automobile. We printed these invites on beautiful Italian paper with oyster shell pearl finish. The symbols can be foil stamped for an added wow-factor.

kensington-gardens-detail kensington-gardens tandem-bike-website

Classic and elegant wedding stationery suite with gold-foiled ampersand

Classic and elegant wedding stationery suite with gold-foiled ampersand


When Anastasia and Frederick approached us to create their wedding stationery and website, they already had quite a good idea of the style and some of the elements that they wanted to have. Their wedding was planned in an English countryside manor house, and they wanted their stationery to match their classic and elegant style. Anastasia had amazing attention to detail and it was especially important to her that all their wedding communications, both printed and electronic, would have the same design.

As a result we created a beautiful wedding suit for them, which I think is really an epitome of understated elegance. On one hand, we used a rather prominent main script – a classic calligraphy Bickham Script; on the other hand we didn’t overload the design. It has just a few gold-foiled elements that add a special twist to their invitations, but it’s not extravagant. The stationery is made using a fine-lined ivory-coloured Italian paper from Fedrigoni. The paper’s texture perfectly emphasizes the raised print and gold-foiled elements.

In order to bring a more personalized experience to their guests, Anastasia chose to have the seating plan printed on the back of the name cards, and colour a respective spot for each guest by hand. The personalized menus with names of each guest, elegantly printed between two gold fold lines, will be waiting for the guests at the table.

Another great idea is that on the inside of the menu cover guests have an opportunity to leave their wishes to the couple and later to insert their fotos. This will become a great memento for the couple and a wonderful alternative to the traditional guest book.

In addition to the stationery we developed a matching wedding website, using the same fonts and style. In the age when we live and breathe electronic communications, it was lovely to see the traditional printed stationery and the modern means of communications come together! In the words of the bride: “I have definitely achieved my goal – we have stylish and beautiful stationery, with a matching website! It is absolutely fantastic, very happy!”

Thank you and invite details

Menu covers

Menu insides

Name Cards Inside


Thank you card website-for-website

Examples of Stationery Suites

We offer a full range of stationery, in each of our designs. Here are some examples, of how a full suite might look like. Please contact us to get a similar picture for your chosen design.

Ordering Process

Our ordering process is very simple:

1. E-mail us which design you like and which products you would like to have.

2. We will e-mail you back with the price quote within a couple of days or sooner!

3. If you agree, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 10% (minimum £100).

4. We will clarify any customisation required. You may need to fill out a couple of simple forms with your text & details.

5. We will produce digital mockups for you to review.

6. Once you are happy with your mockups, pay the outstanding amount.

7. You will receive your beautiful stationery / websites / app within 2-3 weeks!

Paper Selection

Oh, beautiful paper! When designing our wedding stationery, we have thought hard about which paper works best for each design. For each style we provide a recommendation, on which paper we think is most suitable both technically and aesthetically.

However, we fully appreciate that tastes may differ :). You may find that another type of paper is just perfect for you!

If you would like to select a certain paper for your design, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss which selection works best with you! In addition, our sample packs include our paper samples – so you can get a real feel for it.

We offer a beautiful selection of luxurious Italian papers, made by a small artisan workshop called Fedrigoni:

Textured, fine-lined papers: Acquerello and Nettuno

Available colours: Ivory, White, Navy

Acquerello texture





Watercolour effect: Tintoretto

Available colours: off-white

Tintoretto texture 1





Pearlescent paper: Sirio Pearl

Available colours: snow white, oyster

Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell texture